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What can I offer?

The first thing I'd like to say, is that snooker should be fun! Coaching is not a test. It is about working with your strengths, and then working on other areas that are not quite as strong.

So what I offer is personalised one-to-one lessons. We will first have a chat, decide what your goals are and what you want to achieve, and from there we can work out a training plan, personal to you, to help you achieve those goals.


It is always important to have good fundamental technique in snooker. Potting balls can sometimes be a bit tricky, so we will work on different areas of your technique to improve your potting, and your enjoyment!

We can look at: pre-shot-routine, the walk-in, stance, bridge, grip and many more things.

Break building & shot selection

People often overlook the importance of good shot selection in snooker. Playing the right ball at the right time can be the difference between ending the break, and carrying on and scoring more points!

Whatever level you are at, we can discuss what shots to play and when. If you want to beat your highest break in the line-up, or maybe in a frame, I definitely have lots of tips and tricks to help you!

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