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Gurdas Singh, 22/11/2018

I had a session with Steve after watching a couple of his YouTube videos. I really enjoyed the session but most of all learnt a lot in just a short space of time. Steve helped me to correct a fundamental flaw in my game which I am really excited to start to put into practice. Steve made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and even when I was trying to play a shot that kept going wrong Steve made me feel at real ease. Over all I would highly recommend coaching from Steve.

Scott Williams, 06/01/2019

I had my first session with Steve today and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He was quickly able to correct my stance and technique, giving me plenty to focus on safe in the knowledge that I am now practicing the right things. He has a really warm manner that is encouraging without being patronising. He's clearly passionate about the game and I left with a renewed vigour to improve... maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!? Well worth the 2 hour round trip to see him. Oh and the tables and club that he teaches from (as seen in his videos) are top notch. Do yourself a favour and give him a call. Thanks Steve, I'll be seeing you again soon :)


Martin Rosler, Germany, 27/02/2019

It was a long way from Germany, Town Borken, so I hesistate about is it worth it to drive all the long Way?


Would I get what I needed at my Level as a 20-30 Breaker (High Break 49)?


Would I feel comfortable there as a Stranger?


Would I feel intimidated to get educated by a WPBSA World Snooker Coach with such massive knowledge about the game?


Is my old School English enough to understand all the

conversation between Steve Barton and me?

What I find there put all my obstacles immediately at ease. Steve's nice Club feels very familiar. Three Table with excellent material and conditions. After the first little small talk I felt in a safe zone even about my old school English because Steve explain it all in a plain understandable way. My 3 Days x 4 Hour coaching time I enjoy very much and the time passes quicker than I expect.

What I like the most independently from his massive knowledge is Steve's way to approach to me as a player and human. He definitely don't forget his own way from a 30 breaker to his high Standard now. I felt very understood and get that Input from Steve that helps me to improve from my Level to the next.

No minute of this 12 Hours coaching I felt intimidated, instead Steve give me the right pieces of knowledge at the right time which was individual for my level so that I have chance to digest and make it to my own. I drive Home with notes from Steve in a PDF-Report that covers exactly what we worked on during the training. I love the Notes because there a Photos from every single exercise we made with fine text explaining what's important and what not to forget. So valuable for me to work at home further. I loved this private atmosphere in his fine own Club.


I highly recommend to book coaching with Steve. I definitely get what is needed to improve my Game to the next level.

To my luck there was only 20 km away from Walsall the China Open - Qualifier running in Cannock. So I get the full day of Snooker for only 5 pounds per day entry. If I reach my next Level and feel like I am on a plateau, I come back again and looking with one eye on the Qualifier schedule in Cannock.

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