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In 2011, at the age of 27, my highest break was 37, and I had never made more than 30 in the line-up.

It was at the start of 2011 that I decided I wanted to understand the game more and improve my snooker.

I played more, watched every YouTube video I could find, studied my technique, filmed myself... I even got the ironing board out at home and practiced my cueing while watching myself in a mirror!

Over the next 2 years my game really improved. I made my first century in a proper frame on 15th May 2013! (Yes, I know the date).

At this point I expected to just make many more centuries, but that didn't happen. I didn't make my next one until 8th October 2014. It was at this point I really felt like I needed to learn more about the game!

This is where my coaching comes in! 

As all my improvement has come as an adult, I really think I have something unique to offer as a coach. I understand the struggles I had when I was improving, and how I overcame these problems.


I have now made many century breaks in practice and in tournaments, and this is because I now really understand what works, and what doesn't. My highest break is now a 140 total clearance.

I consider myself a very friendly person that is easy to get along with. As I have a big passion for snooker, I really want to help other people achieve what I have in the game. I am proof that you do not need to start playing at 10 years old to be good! If you do the right things and understand certain principles, I really believe you can improve your game.

I recently completed my WPBSA 1st4Sport World Snooker Coaching Certification, so I am now a fully registered coach!

If you've ever wondered about coaching, I really do encourage you to try it. It is relaxed, fun and insightful! If you love snooker, you'll love coaching and improving your enjoyment of the game.

Thanks for reading!

Steve Barton

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